Fishfin’s focus is:
 Private Equity
 Corporate Finance
 Corporate Development

This niche segment is all about “VALUE” and “VALUE CREATION”!

When our clients identify targets in the market for acquisition, you can be sure that they get their due diligences right. The same goes for when they hire staff. The challenge for you is to identify and pitch your own talents, strengths and track record. In other words you need to develop a powerful self-due diligence.

Once you have your due-diligence in order, the next step is to know the market in which you want to apply. With our focus, we can guide you through the areas of PE, Corporate Finance and Corporate Development to align you with a perfect match and help you develop your due-diligence pitch for your target employer.

We understand your goals and the business you are in. We understand you need people who can identify and execute deals. If you are on the buy-side, these people may also be required to formulate value creation strategies and in some cases be responsible for executing them (operationally). We focus our recruitment and head-hunting activities in Finance, Strategy and Operational improvement capabilities.

These capabilities are extremely important, but equally essential will be cultural fit. If you consider Finance, Strategy and Operational capabilities as “ hygiene factors” then the personality and “soft skills” will determine which candidates will become your top performers. These people will generate the most value for your organisation.

If your focus is Private Equity, Corporate Development or Corporate Finance and you are looking for the best return on investment, give Fishfin a call today!