Your privacy is important to us!

At Fishfin your rights to privacy and our treatment of your personal data is important. Fishfin is fully supportive of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Personal data - what is it?

Personal data is any data which relates to a living individual who can be identified from those. It may range from address and phone number to your work experience and qualifications (including grading lists: VWO, Bachelor and Masters), assessment results and other data obtained by Fishfin in connection with your possible work placements.

Who will be collecting your personal data?

Fishfin is a specialist professional recruitment consultancy placing candidates on a permanent basis in Private Equity, Corporate Financial Advisory and Corporate Development roles. Your personal data will be collected by Fishfin for the sole purpose of providing these three recruitment services.

How will your data will be collected?

Fishfin collects personal data directly from you:

• When you send an email directly to Fishfin (with CV, academic track, references, performance ratings, assessment results)

• Register directly from our Fishfin Website

Fishfin also collects data Indirectly from you via:

• Linked in

• Referrals from other candidates and clients

• References

In the case of Indirectly, we will notify you within one month of receiving your data to notify you and ask for your consent. In reality, we will make every effort to contact you up front and ask your consent before adding your data to our database.

In the case of references we will ask for your consent prior to checking a reference.

How Fishfin may use and disclose your personal data?

• To provide recruitment services to or for you and to facilitate the recruitment process;

• To match your details against job vacancies which Fishfin feels may be appropriate for you in order to assess your suitability for them;

• To apply for jobs on your behalf (only with your consent) by sending your data to clients;

• To inform you about any relevant industry developments, send you details of any events, promotions and competitions, and to communicate any other relevant information;

• To answer your enquiries or questions;

• Unless required or permitted to do so by law, Fishfin will not otherwise share, sell or distribute any of your personal data without your consent.

If you do not give Fishfin the data it seeks?

If you do not give Fishfin the personal data it seeks (provided that the data sought is reasonable and relevant to the services being provided to or for you), it may be significantly hampered in its ability to provide recruitment services to you and for you. However, it is your right not to supply personal data and also your right to withdraw consent to use your data. You may ask at any time to have your data deleted.

How secure is your your personal data at Fishfin?

Fishfin holds personal data in a combination of secure computer storage facilities. In principal we are paperless office. Should we print information (temporarily), we will ensure that it is temporarily stored in secure locations and take utmost care when transporting. Hard copies will be destroyed after they have serviced their purpose. Fishfin has security procedures in place to protect the personal data it holds from loss (back-up), unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.

• We use cloud software (backed-up and secure)

• Passwords are updated on a regular basis

• Access to shared network drives to authorized staff;

• virus checking;

Can you request access to your personal data?

You may (at any time) request access to the personal data Fishfin holds about you in accordance with the GDPR.

How does Fishfin ensure that your personal data is kept up to date?

Given the niche focus we have, many candidates will remain of interest to us (“cradle to grave” approach). Fishfin will take reasonable steps to ensure information is up to date (asking for new CV’s and also uploading information from Linkedin). That way your personal data can be matched to opportunities. Every two years we will make a comprehensive effort to update all the candidate records in our database. Should the candidate profile no longer be relevant we have the opportunity to remove the data. Fishfin will appropriately dispose of your personal data when it is no longer required or if you ask to be removed from our systems.

Fishfin may also contact you from time to time to check that the data is still correct. However, please be proactive and let Fishfin know of any changes to your details as soon as you reasonably can, in order for Fishfin to maintain the accuracy of information held on you.

Does Fishfin transfer your personal data outside of the EEA?

Fishfin has a Netherlands focus. Your data will not be transferred outside the Netherlands without your consent.


Fishfin is not only in compliance with the GDPR, we fundamentally believe in your rights as an individual that your personal data belongs to you.

We ask for consent to borrow your personal data to be able to provide high quality recruitment services to both you and our clients.

We take steps to ensure that this data is protected and updated

We continue to ask for consent. For example, your CV (and personal data) does not go anywhere without your permission. We first discuss an opportunity with you and if you are interested we will ask for your consent for us to share your data with that specific client. In other words, you know why we are collecting your data, for what purpose, and also where it is going.

You have the opportunity to control your data and if you so wish, to also view it.

You can at any time remove your consent and have your personal data deleted from our databases.

Summary of the GDPR:

The essence of the GDPR are Rights and guiding Principles


You have the right to exercise control over how your data is used

You have the right to transparency: What is held, why, how it is used

You have the right to request. To see what is being held

You have the right to erasure. Require that data is deleted

You have the right to withdraw consent. At any time

You have the right that data is corrected

You have the right to object to data being processed

You have the right to restrict processing

You have the right to portability. Data to be transferred


There are 6 guiding principals behind the GDPR when using your personal data

Lawful, fair and transparent

Specified purpose

Adequate, relevant and limited


Time limited

Adequate security


Should you have any questions about Privacy and your personal data, you can contact:

Michael Witts (Owner Fishfin) +31 6 47304147


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