Royalis Investment Manager or Director

Are you a senior content driven PE investor or an M&A professional who would like to join a family office ? Do you want to build true, valuable and long-lasting relationships with entrepreneurs to create sustainable companies for the modern era?

We are looking for an investment manager / director to join Royalis, situated in Woudenberg.

Short description
The investment manager/director will play a pivotal role in the further professionalization of Royalis. This senior investment professional will work with the two founders (one a successful entrepreneur who co-founded Coolblue, and the other an inspirational leader with a track in business development and thought leadership).

Royalis Investments - Together we create our legacy
Royalis is a different breed of Private Equity / Venture Capitalist. They do not invest to see if it is possible to make more money, they invest to see if money can make more possible. For the entrepreneur and his business, for themselves and - more importantly - for the generations after us. Together they can build meaningful businesses that will outlast us all. Together they intend to create a legacy.

Patient capital
Building strong market leaders takes time. It’s about harnessing the momentum and ensuring that a business gets a fair chance to reach its full potential and worth. Patient capital allows an entrepreneur and their company to grow exponentially and play globally at exactly the right pace: The entrepreneurs pace. That’s why they apply a flexible exit investment horizon, or as they call it; a Flexit. Their exit must always help your business flourish - if it doesn’t they stay.

Personal focus
We know from experience that it can be lonely at the top. That’s why they choose a more personal approach: They aim to be the kind of PE/VC that they themselves would have wanted when they were younger. Not based on control but purely on personal accountability. They love to come alongside, walk the same path as the entrepreneur, and leverage their own experience on the things that keep the owner awake at night. Ultimately, the stronger the entrepreneur stands as a person the stronger their business becomes.

Powerful partnerships
Money isn’t the primary driver to help the entrepreneur to reach their full potential, expertise is! That’s exactly why Royalis is of such value to them: They were not born out of the traditional financial sector. They have an entirely different foundation from which they approach “the game”. Their unconventional combination of professional backgrounds and years of experience enables them to build powerful partnerships and orchestrate practical and hands-on expertise. Strengths that help the owner tackle the many different aspects of growing their business, like building an engaged team, a strong and healthy culture, and a winning strategy.

Investment criteria
They are looking for more than just a nice company. Greatness is built on the basis of mutual respect, trust, ambitions, and a shared mindset. They target entrepreneurs and companies:

• Looking to create value for the long term
• Out to build one of the next market leaders in E-commerce, SaaS, Cloud
• With a laser-sharp focus, proven business model, and a convincing growth strategy
• Have a strong and driven management team
• On a quest to scale internationally
• Who seek support, deed, rest, and personal attention just as much as capital

About Royalis
Royalis was born in 2018 out of a good talk over a cold drink, reflecting on what they would have wanted themselves when they were in the midst of their entrepreneurial journeys. The idea of backing founders with patient capital, a personal approach and powerful partnerships, spoke so clearly to them that they just had to run with it. Ever since, they help businesses navigate the crossroads where the personal vision of the entrepreneur grows into a shared company culture, and provide them with a better balanced and deeper rooted foundation upon which they can build solid sustainable growth and success.
“Royalis brought strategy, scale and personal attention, backing me as a founder to take my company to a whole new global level.” – Johan Plasmans, CEO Zens
“What a value add to meet other founders with similar challenges” – Ludo Baauw, CEO Intermax

What makes Royalis a highly desired place to work?
• Uniquely ethical approach: Increased long-term value is a result of the approach and the way you do things. If you invest in companies that aim to make a long-term positive impact on society and they do this in an ethical way (trust, transparency, accountability) to create real sustainable value.
• Excellent investment team (experience, ambition, skills):
Bart Kuijpers: Co-founder of Coolblue (from zero to >€1B revenue).
Maurits Roose: Inspirational thought leader with significant experience in making companies better.
• Deal Origination: Founders and entrepreneurs are very happy to talk to Royalis. They often work on exclusive deals (1 on 1) where the chances of closing the deal is much higher.
• Culture: Friendly, open & transparent, authentic, hard-working, caring, fun, determined and with a long-term vision.
• Growth and responsibility: You will be the first senior hire and as such will play a pivotal role in the further professionalization of the Royalis investment team.
• Long term relationships with entrepreneurs: As there are no “forced exits” you have the time and resources to really help entrepreneurs and their businesses realize their full potential. Over time, you get to know the entrepreneurs and build excellent relationships.

Job description
In the role of investment manager/director your primary focus will be to fully evaluate and execute investment opportunities and manage the portfolio. You will also support deal origination. In summary, but not limited to:

Deal-flow and execution
• Deal origination (e.g. market and company research, networking)
• Evaluation of investment opportunities (e.g. financial modelling, valuation, structuring, commercial due diligence)
• Manage deal due diligence and documentation (financial, legal, tax and operational)
• Execute Deal negotiations (with the two founding partners) and arrangement of bank financing

Portfolio management
• Portfolio management (e.g. financial reporting, KPI setting, strategy development, performance improvement projects, buy-and-build activities)
• Preparation and execution of refinancing and exits
• Periodic portfolio performance reviews, valuation and return calculations

• Leadership: Potential hiring, coaching and developing of juniors
• General marketing and operational activities
• The investment manager/director will have a lot of interaction with entrepreneurs / founders, external M&A and legal advisors.

Candidate requirements
• Will share the same values and ethics; buying into the long-term approach of Royalis.
• Strong academic background: Masters in a numerical discipline (Business, Finance, Econometrics, Engineering etc.).
• 5+ (investment manager) 8+ (director) years of work experience in private equity and/or M&A (M&A, financial dd or structured/leveraged finance).
• The successful candidate is able to fully execute a deal.
• The candidate is a top performer and received excellent performance reviews.
• Self-starting, ability to work independently and take responsibility, highly driven to succeed, professional and has commercial flair. A dose of personality is welcome. The social side is very important; energetic, down-to-earth (humble) and fun to win with!
• Ability to ‘connect’ with entrepreneurs is a must.
• Fluent in English and Dutch.

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